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Leadership and Empowerment


To achieve the best results,
at group and individual level.

Good leaders inspire and empower by earning trust. Leaders activate voices around the table and they trust that their team’s perspective is more than informative, it is essential. Leaders learn to embrace diverse voices and defer to them to gain ownership and productivity from teams.


When you can get rid of the need to be “right” or to be seen to have authority, leaders can expand their level of influence. Authentic leadership means knowing how to listen and knowing how to speak. Leaders understand that they need to heard at the highest levels, they can bring charisma and speak with a strong voice when they need to, to make sure their ideas are heard.


Unlock leadership excellence

with our diverse range of 10 training courses,

available in both individual and group formats.


Whether you're seeking personalized coaching,

team development, or a customized program,

contact us, and we'll bring your vision to life!

Training sessions are available:

Gund Essentials | Business Development and Training

in English / Hungarian


Gund Essentials | Business Development and Training

for teams

or mixed groups

Gund Essentials | Business Development and Training

with professional  

actors and trainers

Gund Essentials | Business Development and Training

thematic  or custom


Training sessions on
authentic leadership and empowerment

The encouragement to grow from experience and construct better practice and environments both as an individual and a team is greatly dependent on feedback. Too many people get trapped in the highly emotional and personal sensitivity towards both giving it and receiving it.

Avoiding frustration and conflict can be immensely costly to both relationships, motivation and business efficacy. All of us, leaders and teammates alike, have to face moments where difficult discussions are necessary.

Good leaders inspire and empower by earning trust. Authentic leadership means knowing how to listen and knowing how to speak. How to activate your team and how to motivate them. We are buliding skills for focused and charismatic leadership. 

This training is aimed for growing one’s executive and leadership skills to assist in empowering and expanding the skill set of those around them. It could be likened to the team sport athlete, who grows the ability to make those around themselves better. 

Certainly there have been times where you felt like the behavior of others for the pressure put on you by others has had an effect on the way your perceived or your behavior. In these moments, you may have even said to yourself. Oh, I wish I had done that or said that differently. 

Many people feel either paralyzed, powerless or even feel they have or need power to accomplish things that they either want or need to be done. This training looks to create awareness between two terms and also what can be truly beneficial to individuals, teams and organizations. 

Not one of us is free from biases. Some of them we are conscious of therefore we can account or compensate for them. However, many reside in our subconscious or unconscious. 

These transformative times brought to us very diverse and exciting resources and people. Ensuring that all involved feel related to, understood, emboldened to speak and share is crucial. 

This interactive, practical session provides you with the opportunity to have open, honest discussions about how empathy, understanding and inclusion and things we do and how they can more consistently happen. 

To effectively network means we connect with others, gain their trust and gain key insight to what interests them. We want to connect on a personal level creating contacts that last and most importantly are maintained.

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