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Interviewing and Being Interviewed

Business training for groups
What will you learn?

Certainly there have been times where you felt like the behavior of others for the pressure put on you by others has had an effect on the way your perceived or your behavior. In these moments, you may have even said to yourself. Oh, I wish I had done that or said that differently. You may have even felt that it was somewhat unjust or simply misfortunate because you feel that you have more to offer or in most circumstances, you perform better. It’s true for all of us. But communication is always a two-way street. All parties have a great deal of influence an impact on how the others communicate.

How will you learn?

Finding, hiring, and ultimately, retaining skilled, and talented colleagues is essential. There are a few critical points along the way. The interview is where it all begins. This training is a practical endeavor into the great skills of formulating, very useful and inviting questions, while opening up your communication partner, and getting a chance to see more into the person you’re with. An interview is a great place to discover who someone might be, and what are the things they might have to offer. making an already pressure field activity. Worse is not a good practice for getting the most amount of clarity understanding and expertise people do not tend to share very openly or perform well under great pressure. This means that the skills are the interviewer and the interviewee need to be honed. We need good open and inquisitive questions, we need great science and practice of active listening, we need very good detective skills, following through a line of questioning trying to link together the story and thoughts, we need warm, authentic, charismatic behavior to encourage others to be open, and to share earnestly. It is a very specific and subtle process to try to accomplish something that is so absolutely essential in the world of business and people management.

Areas of focus

This training will have a great deal of practical exercises geared towards honing, active listening skills, divergent and convergent thinking skills. The confidence, and flexibility to be in the interview you are in and not try to predetermine or predesign an interview you think that it needs to be. It is critical that both parties understand that they need to be good partners, and that they both are essentially there to see clearly what long-term relationship that they are potentially going to be a part of.

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