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Networking and Communication

Business training for groups
What will you learn?

To effectively network means we connect with others, gain their trust and gain key insight to what interests them. We want to connect on a personal level creating contacts that last and most importantly are maintained. This workshop is about relating to, and gaining the trust of others for sustainable relationships. We work on gaining attention, being open and generous so that we can discover links, build and sustain them.

How will you learn?

Networking can seem like a chore, an awkward necessity, however by focussing on the positive aspects of connecting with others you can learn to enjoy these moments. Based on principles from Donaghue & Siegel listening research and principles of authentic communication found in Patsy Rodenburg's work. This is a practical skill building training. We will look at your behaviour in circumstances when you feel awkward and when you feel fine and learn to switch them. We all have a really engaging version of ourselves, we want to discover yours and make the most of it when it really matters.
Stories. By provoking each other in unexpected directions we learn how to get more from our conversation partners and be happily surprised at where the conversation goes. See the opportunity for discovery rather than the chore. Through good questions and listening skills you can identify common interests and consider how your goals align with those of people you meet, and networking will feel more authentic. What are your strengths? Think about what you can give. Remember that you have something valuable to offer, whether it’s knowledge, gratitude, or recognition. We look at how you can present yourself in the most engaging way. Using voice, energy and physicality to be the most engaging version of yourself!

Areas of focus

Through the use of theater-based exercises and character building techniques this training provides a platform for gaining awareness of the patterns in our behavior that already exist both positive negative as well as concrete tools and techniques to use to get better and better overtime at managing situation that for so long, we avoid.

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