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Business training for groups
What will you learn?

Mentoring — helping others identify the way by getting out of the way.

This training is aimed for growing one’s executive and leadership skills to assist in empowering and expanding the skill set of those around them. It could be likened to the team sport athlete, who grows the ability to make those around themselves better. It is primarily based on helping others find pathways to growth and improvement that are challenging and appropriate for themselves while at the same time avoiding the mentor’s experience or shadow standing in the way. This training is there to identify the methods and mindset that create this environment, and lay down practices and habits that foster progress. One core principle here is that all people are trying to make the fundamentally, uncertain, certain. By helping our colleagues, identify areas and methods in which they actually have an impact, and can change techniques or fundamental aspects of their approach to progress and grow. This helps to reduce being frustrated by certain binary thinking limitations such as, ‘this either works or doesn’t work’, or ‘I am good at this, or I am bad at this.’

How will you learn?

Through a series of designed exercises and methodologies, we have used to train trainers and executives at the CEU eMBA program, this training will help test and explore the current skill set of the participants and help set goals in areas that they need to improve. It will provide examples and role-play possibilities for them to experiment with different methodologies, so that they leave the training with a wider understanding of what the challenges are, and concrete practical approach is that they can take in accordance with their individual colleagues back at work.

Areas of focus

Through the use of theater-based exercises and character building techniques this training provides a platform for gaining awareness of the patterns in our behavior that already exist both positive negative as well as concrete tools and techniques to use to get better and better overtime at managing situation that for so long, we avoid.

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