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Business training for groups
What will you learn?

This interactive, practical session provides you with the opportunity to have open, honest discussions about how empathy, understanding and inclusion and things we do and how they can more consistently happen. By participating the module you will be able to get greater awareness, knowledge and understanding of when groups and teammates lack these elements.

How will you learn?

What are examples of moments where inclusion and empathy are lacking in a team or in an interaction? How do we currently address these? What seems to work? What seems to not work as well? We improve self-awareness – how our own attitude and actions impact your behaviours and decisions; we get greater awareness of how start to build new habits around our own behaviours and empowering others.

Areas of focus

Through the use of theater-based exercises and character building techniques this training provides a platform for gaining awareness of the patterns in our behavior that already exist both positive negative as well as concrete tools and techniques to use to get better and better overtime at managing situation that for so long, we avoid.

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