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Unconscious Biases

Business training for groups
What will you learn?

Not one of us is free from biases. Some of them we are conscious of therefore we can account or compensate for them. However, many reside in our subconscious or unconscious. These are blindspot’s in our rational decision making and are a product of our culture and environment and also deep DNA programming. This is exactly why we need greater selfawareness and reflection from peers to gain awareness, and not be as hampered as much by them. If we except the definition that the brain is essentially a machine for associating and jumping to conclusions, we have to be able to assist this great capability by recognizing it’s flaws.

How will you learn?

This training helps create individual and group, understanding, and awareness of the biases, prejudices, or preferences that affect us. It looks at the given concept of implicit bias and takes a pragmatic approach through exercises and video playback and role plays to see the moments and experiences through feeling them and reworking them where we have areas to grow and concrete actions to take to improve this.

Areas of focus

Through the use of theater-based exercises and character building techniques this training provides a platform for gaining awareness of the patterns in our behavior that already exist both positive negative as well as concrete tools and techniques to use to get better and better overtime at managing situation that for so long, we avoid.

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