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find the essential elements
for professional growth.

Grund Theater and Grund Essentials have more than 25 years experience of developing communication skills using applied improvisation. Grund Theatre is backed by more than two decades of dedicated work and history.

The company's mission is based around the technique of improvisation, which it applies in its various programmes, which touch on traditional theater, film, entertainment and education.

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Applied impro

 takes the principles of improvisation for the theatre and applies them in

a business context.

Discover the extraordinary in the ordinary with impro training.

The method is founded in practice, we believe that people improve by doing. Participants come away with a practical toolset they can use in many different settings. We thrive on stage by being flexible, adaptable, interested, communicative, open, and be willing to innovate. These are the skills that we love to pass on to others.

Impro technique represents a progressive, experimental and spectator-oriented approach, highlighting the freedom of immediate reaction, situational awareness and undetermined chains of action. It teaches concentration and attention to the partner. Improvisation is the search for answers.

Embark on a corporate revolution fueled by the unpredictability of improvisation.

People become

more effective leaders,

generous teammates and

happier individuals.

Meet the Team

Meet the dedicated people powering our mission forward with passion and expertise.

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