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Culture of Feedback

Business training for groups
What will you learn?

The encouragement to grow from experience and construct better practice and environments both as an individual and a team is greatly dependent on feedback. Too many people get trapped in the highly emotional and personal sensitivity towards both giving it and receiving it.

How will you learn?

This training looks at the necessary practices and habits of feedback at work consistently on high-performance teams. Through exercises and role-play it creates an awareness of what feedback is and how constructive they can be. It works towards generating great trust and an understanding of collective interests between parties so that feedback is taken as information and the generosity of sharing one’s opinion with the sole intent of constructively benefiting.

Areas of focus

​This training tries to generate benefits to fold. One for the individual habitually just as someone who both takes and gives feedback generously, graciously and with very constructive intent and also looks at practices that help to generate the very positive climate we are feedback helps to make the highest performing teams.

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