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Story and Engagement


Attract attention - with the right tone and energy

Storytelling and narrative are the greatest ways to engage our clients and colleagues. Story is what captivates listeners, it’s what makes them care. It’s what educates us, stays with us and ultimately defines us. Of course once you have crafted your story, you need to convey it. Command attention by having the right body language, the right gestures, the right energy. This makes the difference between being ignored and being heard. We often think of these as natural skills but they can be learned and practised.


Unlock storytelling excellence with our diverse range of 6 training courses, available in both individual and group formats. Whether you're seeking personalized coaching, team development, or a customized program, contact us, and we'll bring your vision to life!

Training sessions on story and engagement


In English / Hungarian



For teams

or mixed groups


Professional  actors

and trainers


Thematic  or custom


Training sessions on 
story and engagement

The best presentations feel like a confident conversation. We analyse and define what the best, most charismatic version of you looks like and discover how to activate that when you need it.

Still the greatest method for getting buy in, generating excitement, gaining interest, making a sale, or motivating change, is the pitch. It is that age, old method of taking your audience on that journey and walking them through the narrative.

Certainly more than ever ourselves and colleagues are in demand for soundbites, interviews and social media presence. This often translates to live presentation, as well as some sort of broadcast appearance, or simply being interviewed for a news article, for a podcast or a website, or even as rare as it may seem, print media.

It is useless to have ideas if we cannot present them and present them in a way that others want. In this training, participants will be supported to deliver persuasive and engaging speeches and business presentations.

For tens of thousands of years humans have shared knowledge, information and vision through storytelling. It’s how we create patterns and meaning from the chaos of life.

Good Nature and Moving Forward: Hosting shows with charm, purpose and presence The MC or facilitator is there, too, move the program forward and make everyone feel at home and at ease.

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