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Grund Essentials | Gergely Kiss

Presentation Skills

Business training for groups
What will you learn?

The best presentations feel like a confident conversation. We analyse and define what the best, most charismatic version of you looks like and discover how to activate that when you need it. It is a requirement today to give presentations to share data and information. This often means we are trying to download data to people without context or purpose. This workshop will dive into what makes content engaging and how you can present your data and yourself in the most effective way.

How will you learn?

In this practical workshop we analyse a current presentation of yours and work through the key problem areas that we identify so that you leave with a new set of skills to put into practise. We examine what are you doing to engage your audience. We look at what works and what can be more effective in a practical way. Each member of the group will give and receive feedback from their peers as we go along. We look at how we are packaging data into a story. Finding the right story structure can make our presentations much more effective, and make the data “sticky”. Slides are often misused in presentations, we will devise a best practise outline during the workshop that we agree on.

Areas of focus

This training will have a great deal of practical exercises geared towards honing, active listening skills, divergent and convergent thinking skills. This is a practical workshop: we begin with very simple practical exercises and develop together, building your skills and confidence as we work. You will have the chance to work in front of an audience (your group) and experience how presenting effectively can be a rewarding and even enjoyable experience.

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