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Grund Essentials | Gergely Kiss

The Tale - Storytelling and Narrative

Business training for groups
What will you learn?

For tens of thousands of years humans have shared knowledge, information and vision through storytelling. It’s how we create patterns and meaning from the chaos of life. Stories are a way of sharing data in an engaging way. They are also a way of developing your personal brand and of being more visible to your clients and team leaders.

This is a practical workshop that develops general communication skills and also your attitude toward communication and cooperation. The key concept is that our communication should revolve around a story. This story places us and our partners in a context, with a common direction or goal. Everything we talk about, benefits we offer, etc, should relate back to the story.

How will you learn?

Learn to be comfortable framing your ideas as stories! We will experience that creativity is a normal state for humans. We practise how to deal with stress and still stay active.
Change your focus from internal to external; which means engaging our audience as a primary goal, rather than just downloading data to them.

Areas of focus

You will practise how to inspire your audience through energy.
We discover how to be physically present and active. You will develop your voice to make it easier to get attention. You will learn how to engage your audience through interaction. Using eye-contact to hold their attention and get feedback from them.

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