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Grund Essentials | Gergely Kiss

The Pitch

Business training for groups
What will you learn?

Still the greatest method for getting buy in, generating excitement, gaining interest, making a sale, or motivating change, is the pitch. It is that age, old method of taking your audience or listener on that journey and walking them through the narrative. Letting them feel the emotions, experiences, sensations, and get the black-and-white of why something works or improves on things. The pitch is usually short, and grossing and appeals to many levels. You don’t have much time and your listeners are often quite guarded.

How will you learn?

This training explores the viscera of the pitch. What constitutes the entire process and what are the most crucial points. It looks at what behaviors and qualities are important to make a pitch successful. How to put it together, how to formulate it for your specific audience, and how to deliver it for best efficacy. This training looks at all the skill sets that each was bring to the table and isolates the areas in which the participants need to make improvements and also identifies areas where they already have some strengths.

Areas of focus

Through practice and rigorous exercise, as well as video analysis and feedback from the group each participant has the opportunity to build their skill set and improve the skills. They already have to make them effective with this highly valuable skillset.

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