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Grund Essentials | Gergely Kiss

Public Speach

Business training for groups
What will you learn?

It is useless to have ideas if we cannot present them and present them in a way that others want.

How will you learn?

In this training, participants will be supported to deliver persuasive and engaging speeches and business presentations that convey clear information to the audience. We also address participants' informal and formal presentation skills. Through tailor-made situational exercises, participants will become aware of their own behaviour and will be able to try out new strategies in a practical, controlled situation.

Areas of focus

This training will have a great deal of practical exercises geared towards honing, active listening skills, divergent and convergent thinking skills. This is a practical workshop: we begin with very simple practical exercises and develop together, building your skills and confidence as we work. You will have the chance to work in front of an audience (your group) and experience how presenting effectively can be a rewarding and even enjoyable experience.

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