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Grund Essentials | Gergely Kiss

Presence and Media Savvy

Business training for groups
What will you learn?

Certainly more than ever ourselves and colleagues are in demand for soundbites, interviews and social media presence. This often translates to live presentation, as well as some sort of broadcast appearance, or simply being interviewed for a news article, for a podcast or a website, or even as rare as it may seem, print media. As the saying goes, the Internet is eternal. Well, that may be a bit of an overstatement still there is enough truth to it.

How will you learn?

This training will create active opportunities to exercise and build skills for both real life presence, stage, videocamera, and even behind the microphone. This will look at how we listen, how we identify what others are addressing or asking of us, and how we best formulate and pose our answers. These answers don’t just consist of words. It is really about the complete package. This training will examine in depth or physical presence, all of the signals, and tells that we share with our mimicry, gesticulation and posture. I will examine tonality and look at aspects to create ease, focus and presence. Of course, it will also, address the ideas of content and what are the actual words we use. How do we formulate our answers, how do we address questions, how do we answer in ways that we think are the most constructive, useful and authentic?

Areas of focus

This training will use real life examples in virtual settings and extensively use video analysis and role-play to help build the skills. All participants will have an opportunity to practice and diagnose their current status and skills as well as addressing growth opportunities to establish new techniques and new habits.

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