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Communication and Connection

Building trust, cooperation, effective communication, partnership

To connect, build, resolve and achieve together, we need understanding. This is done through listening and sharing. Taking what we see and hear from others and expressing ourselves honestly. By listening actively, free of judgement, we establish this trust. This encourages willingness to take responsibility for our message and our actions, building confidence and working to find mutual interests. Then people look for where they are aligned rather than divided and can communicate authentically, clearly and with a constructive motivation.


Unlock communicational excellence with our diverse range of 7 training courses, available in both individual and group formats. Whether you're seeking personalized coaching, team development, or a customized program, contact us, and we'll bring your vision to life!

Training sessions on communication and connection


In English / Hungarian



For teams

or mixed groups


Professional  actors

and trainers


Thematic  or custom


Training sessions on 
communication and connection

The training will focus on effective and assertive communication in the workplace and business: with the help of our actor-trainers, we will develop the participants' communication tools in simulated situations, from coffee shop chats to negotiations, in a variety of situations.

Sometimes we need to sway a decision, motivate a partner to cooperate or convince a senior partner. We can’t force anyone to see our perspective so the tool we have to rely on is our influencing skills.

The nature of conflict is when two people both believe that they are right. We discover how conflict, with a collaborative mindset, can be a positive tool for change.

Credibly sharing your vision and message in a remote or otherwise challenging environment. Using applied improvisation we take a practical approach to help each person to find a confident, authentic version of themselves.

In a regular week most people feel there are times they could have been “more assertive”. By which we mean; being able to express our point of view in a way that is clear and direct, while still respecting others. This is a great idea but hard to do in practise.

Attack the problem, not the relationship! How do we negotiate in a positive and constructive way, not defending our position, but based on partnership, with the interests of all parties in mind, in a cooperative yet assertive way?

How to stay calm and relaxed in unexpected customer situations? What can support our rapid reaction after a situation has been identified, what can move the situation forward?

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