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Conflict Management

Business training for groups
What will you learn?

The nature of conflict is when two people both believe that they are right. We discover how conflict, with a collaborative mindset, can be a positive tool for change.
This is a practical workshop that works on seeing conflict as an opportunity to openly solve problems if handled constructively and with a positive perspective. You know, of course, that you are right but a great approach to this situation is to be very curious why the other person thinks that they are right. We can stop viewing conflict as a road block and start viewing it as an opportunity. When we change our goal from win/lose to growing relationships it can give us a new perspective allowing healthy conflict management.

How will you learn?

This is a practical workshop. You will work on of conflict management with your group. We begin with very simple practical exercises and develop together, building your skills and confidence as we work. You will have the opportunity to bring situations from your own experience to work on. You will begin to check yourself. Making sure you are not the problem or that you are not taking your own issues out on another person.

Areas of focus

You will also learn effective communication. How to communicate effectively will help you prevent conflict with others. Open, energetic, interested. You will practise how to ask questions constructively. Before talking, ask questions so that you understand the other person. Open interested questions. If you sense something is wrong, ask.

Stay creative and List possible solutions. This will be done in conjunction with those involved in the conflict. Activating the other to get their input. Collaborate. Allow all involved to give input and select the best solution that satisfies everyone.

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