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Storytelling trainings for the corporate sector? Yes!

You have great ideas. Time- and money-saving ideas. Innovative solutions that make your tasks and your team's job easier. Data that your customer desperately needs. But what happens when you can't effectively communicate, deliver and present information in the most desirable way to others?

Stories are a way of sharing data in an engaging way. For tens of thousands of years humans have shared knowledge, information and vision through storytelling. It’s how we create patterns and meaning from the chaos of life. Stories are also a way of developing your personal brand and of being more visible to your clients and team leaders.

At the storytelling workshops the Grund Essential trainer team develops general communication skills and also attitude toward communication and cooperation, specifically adapted to the business environment. The key concept is that our communication should revolve around a story. This story places us and our partners in a context, with a common direction or goal. Everything we talk about, benefits we offer, should relate back to the story. 

Creating engagement 

How to inspire our audience through energy? How to be physically present and active and what our body language says about us? How to deal with stress and still stay active? What hesitation or anticipation brings out in our audience? These questions are vital when we are working with people, trying to sell them ideas or convince them of something. 

We also explore how we can build complex, truthful and honest stories behind simple facts that engage the audience. Why it is important to focus on the relationship with our listeners first, and then on what we have to say. We’d like to see how the audience reacts to our mistakes – but more importantly, how they react to our own reflections on our mistakes. We explore the Hero's Adventure and Story Spine models. We also experience the other side of storytelling: how to be an understanding, attentive audience, how to empathize with the presenter – and all the while, as listeners, we'll easily understand what makes compelling stories work.

Effective communication as a habit

We learn to be comfortable framing our ideas as stories. Incredible as it may sound, even the driest of numbers can be turned into an exciting adventure with a well-directed, personal story – and the performer has already won over their audience, whether it's their weekly board meeting team or a demanding client. We change our focus from internal to external: which means engaging our audience as a primary goal, rather than just downloading data to them.

Grund Theater and Grund Essentials have more than 25 years experience of developing communication skills using Applied Improvisation. We take the principles of improv for the theatre and apply them in a business context to help people become more efficient leaders, generous teammates and happier individuals. The method is founded in practice: we believe that people improve by doing. Participants come away with a practical toolset they can use in a professional business environment.

Grund Essentials – Building good habits.

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