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Grund Essentials | Arany Brigittajpg

Collective Creativity

Business training for groups
What will you learn?

Collaborative problem solving. Humans are problem solvers, one expression of that is creativity. In this course we demystify creativity.

How will you learn?

In a practical way we examine how we generate ideas and how we can blend ideas with others for better results. Through games, exercises and practical examples we work on collective creativity, identify where things are difficult and find strategies to deal with that.

Areas of focus

This training will have a great deal of practical exercises geared towards honing, active listening skills, divergent and convergent thinking skills. Through the use of theater-based exercises and character building techniques this training provides a platform for gaining awareness of the patterns in our behavior that already exist both positive negative as well as concrete tools and techniques to use to get better and better overtime at managing situation that for so long, we avoid.

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